Tenants Reviews

"I have only been here a month, but absolutely everything stated during my review of apartments is true. There is a great staff, flexible, and very quiet for this area. I am not management, or a relative...just VERY happy I made the choice I did. I couldn't ask for more. The price was very reasonable and I am getting more than what I paid for in my opinion...and thats not always the case." Tom. March, 14, 2009

"We've lived here a little over a year now and in my opinion, it's as close to perfect as your likely to find anywhere in this area. The leasing staff is top notch and they treat you like a valued guest instead of a number. The maintenance and front desk staff are also very friendly and responsive." Anna. January, 10, 2009

"We have lived in new construction premium apartment buildings in several states and two continents, and this building is the best. I don't know where else you can be right in town. The staff is courteous, professional, and extremely helpful. Any issues are solved immediately. When we moved here, we did not have much time to find a new place and Mr. Goerger, the manager, was able to get us set up in less than two hours in an experience was extremely pleasant." Nancy. May, 8, 2009

"I have been fortunate enough to have found this apartment, staff is responsive to my needs and the living is extremely comfortable. When I have something to be fixed the timeframe is immediate and customer-driven. Try these apartments, you will be happy and find a place you call home." Robert. February, 13, 2010

"We have stayed here for a little less than 2 years. It was a great stay, The landlord was a great helpful guy who is very nice. The apartments were clean and well-taken care of, I have no complaints at all and I would recommend it to everyone. Oh, and the office manager was a very nice lady as well :)" Ben. May, 19, 2010

"All I can say is that we enjoyed our stay there and all our concerns were addressed in a timely manner. The town where the apartments are is marvelous, there is no better or safer place than Alexandria Bay. Utilities were included in the rent so it was a big money saver in the cold winter days. Would recommend to anyone." Eddi. August, 28, 2010